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Spirituality Versus Wealth & Money

Yin Yang

Spirituality Versus Money

A lot of people try to tell me that money should not be part of spirituality. They say that one has nothing to do with the other. You would be smart to note that the people who tell me this are universally broke.

First of all, there is nothing spiritual about being broke. When you don’t have enough money, it creates stress in your life. Stress inevitably leads to suffering of one form or another. This form of suffering ends as soon as money begins to flow into your life.

Without wisdom, money itself can lead to many forms of suffering, but they can all be avoided. It is impossible to avoid suffering without money.

The Wallet Reflects The Head

Money is made mentally long before it is collected physically. If you don’t have an abundance of money, the first place to look is at your thoughts. Your thoughts are creating your reality. More people have hang-ups and negative thoughts about money than any other topic…. including sex.

This is easy to prove. Go to any poverty stricken area and you will see plenty of children running around. These people certainly have very little money but there is no apparent shortage of sex.

It’s All About Balance

A balanced person will have a healthy spiritual life and will live in the flow of abundance. There is no reason for them to step out of the flow of abundance, for it is your natural right to be perfectly abundant.

Money is a physical representation of your ability to interact within the physical world. A good person can do vastly more good with millions of dollars than they can by remaining broke. One could even argue that for you to deprive yourself of wealth, you are hurting others as well as yourself.

I fully endorse Your Wealth Course because it is the only balanced money making course of its kind. First and foremost you must change your mind and allow yourself to think like someone who deserves abundance. Secondly, this course unlocks the secret methods of a hundred people, who like me are making money by working from home.

If everyone knew what was inside this course the world would be a very different place.

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