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BrainEV: The Brain Evolution System

Brain Evolution System - aka: Brain EV

I’ve been sworn to secrecy for 2 months now….

finally I can share my story with you!

My experience with BrainEV
The 6 Disc Brain Evolution System.

One of the benefits of being known in the self development circles, is that I occasionally get to test out products before they come to market.

When Lee Benson offered me a chance to use the Brain Evolution System months before it would be released to the public, I simply couldn’t refuse.

Here is my little video showing the course:

Discount link:

I end my little video on the bottle of Acuity, which you can clearly see has never been opened.  Followers of this blog already know that I have been subjecting myself to experiments already, with going off dairy and now eating a mostly raw food diet, so I didn’t want to add any other variable that may throw off the results of my food experiments, which is why I never took the Acuity pill supplement.

BrainEV promises to help you think FASTER and SHARPER.

BrainEV says it can grant you LIMITLESS ENERGY, help you to think like a GENIUS, and enable you to RELEASE all stresses and tension.

It’s the latest self-development tool and it just went public today!

Brain Evolution System – is a six-level meditation program that uses special sounds to help influence brainwaves.

Now, in the self-development world, everybody knows that meditation is GOOD.

The list of benefits that have been associated with meditation is a mile long.  And yet most of us don’t have the time to sit and quiet our minds for hours on end everyday….  so we miss out on all of those benefits.

That’s where the Brain Evolution System comes in.

The Brain Evolution System – or BrainEv, for short – uses something known as “brainwave entrainment” to help you skip years ahead and allow you to get the deepest benefits of meditation today.  Even if it’s your first time meditating ever!

It uses specially manipulated sounds to help influence brainwaves, putting your mind into a deep state of meditation within minutes of listening.  Yes, you can meditate like a Zen-monk without years of practice!

But we’ve heard all of this before – from programs such as Holosync and Hemi-Sync.

What sets BrainEv apart from it’s competitors, claim the developers, is it’s patent-pending 3 Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process. This means BrainEv uses three different entrainment methods at the same time – stopping the brain getting too accustomed to one particular pattern, and more closely-matching how brainwaves actually work.

Sounds impressive… But does the Brain Evolution System really live up to its claims?

Well, to put it to the test – I tried using this for two whole months!

I have to admit, I didn’t follow the directions.  I didn’t stay on Level I for as long as I was supposed to.  In fact, I think I began using CD 2 (which is Level 2: Lucid Echoes) by the 4th day.

I wanted to move through the course quickly so I could give an honest review of this product in a timely manner and…

well…  I figured that I could advance quicker since I already have experience in meditating.

The official recommendation is to listen to each 30-minute level once per day, six days a week, for a whole month. Then you move onto the next level – finishing all six levels within six months.

I finished four levels in 2 months. – I found each level to be better than the one before it, and found each higher level allowed me a deeper meditation.

After listening I did felt more relaxed. My head was less “foggy” – and I enjoyed an increase in focus and clarity.

Even on Disc 1 I found it easy to allow my worries to float away.

It was on week 5 that I felt a large shift occur.  I noticed that I was sleeping less (about 6 hours a night) and that I was unusually calm no matter what was going on around me.

I felt lighter…  almost like an invisible burden had been lifted from me.

I was using Disc 3 when I hit a complete moment of stillness.  A moment when time appeared to stop and everything turned white.  It was an amazing moment.  I almost wrote about it on that day, but I knew I would be asked what it was that I was using and I was not allowed to share Brain Ev with everyone yet.

During these two months my blood pressure went down 5 points… which is something I was told may happen (a good thing to be sure), but since I had changed foods in my diet during this time, I can not be certain that this was due solely to Brain EV.

So, does the Brain Evolution System work?

Without a doubt I believe it does!

During my two-month trial, even though I didn’t follow the directions, I noted some pretty dramatic changes.

A SHARPER mind…   REDUCED stress levels, and a INCREASE in my energy.

If you liked Holosync or Hemi-Sync, then you are REALLY GOING TO LOVE BrainEv!

But Just How Does it Work?

The developers claim that’s because it utilizes a “3 Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process” to influence brainwaves.

As they say, a video is worth a thousand words, so here is a video that shows you exactly how this incredible technology works:

Discount link:

brainev is Brain Evolution System

Discount link:

They provide you with a series of fancy graphics and additional video features to explain it all in greater detail. They even provide online support videos for each level as you advance.

Am I going to continue using BrainEV?

You betcha!  I am going to use this right through to level 6.

From now on I will follow the 1 month per CD guideline.

I had some pretty amazing results with this program WITHOUT using the “Acuity” supplement.  I have to wonder how much more I would have benefited if I had been using it.

The Summary:

BrainEv Pros: Powerful results, New Technology, Professional Package, Round-the-Clock Support.

BrainEv Cons: Still requires 30 minutes of your time, 6 days a week.

Verdict: TRY IT Now…

Use the special Discount Link:


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