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Simply Raw – The Raw Food Diet

Can Raw Food Cure Diabetes?

Real People From The Raw For 30 Days (Raw Food) Who Cured Diabetes

That was the question that the documentary Raw for 30 Days – (DVD) set out to prove.

I was told about this film back in Jun 2008 (I wrote about it here) back when it was still in production.

The basic principle is this:  Take six real people with “incurable insulin dependent diabetes” and remove all their medicines and simply feed them a raw food diet.

The results are amazing!  There is a couple of surprises that I REALLY want to share with you….  In fact, it’s hard for me NOT to tell you what happens, but I won’t SPOIL any of the surprises for you, I promise.

If you can’t buy this movie, I urge you to rent it!  It’s not just a documentary on food, it’s an emotional roller coaster with at least two shocking surprises that I certainly didn’t see coming.  My wife was crying with joy several times over…  Yes, I found some fluid gathering in my eyes also.

I assumed that somehow… someway these people were going to reverse diabetes, despite medical doctors assertion that this is completely impossible.  I had no idea, however,  that anyone could lose that much weight in just 30 days.  It was just shocking.

Not only did they apparently “cure” diabetes, but they lost more weight than seemed humanly possible and they dramatically lowered blood pressure as well.  In fact, all sorts of health conditions cleared up (one of them was quite personal, but I wont ruin that surprise either).

Watch The Raw for 30 days Video

Watch The Preview Video

Being someone who is dedicated to health and self development I have embarked on the raw food journey myself.  Fresh off my Shocking Dairy Detox, I embarked on the raw food journey the day after watching this moving documentary.

Even though the movie was VERY informative, I still wanted to be armed with the best in Raw Food Secrets.  I also knew I was going to need a huge selection of raw food recipes, and they had to be easy because I am not particularly talented in the kitchen.

I found everyting I needed, and more, dirt cheap from here:  Raw Food Super Kit

It would be foolish to attempt any radical change in your diet without having some expert guidance.  You can mess this up, just like any diet, if you don’t know what you are doing.

The best part for me was that the Raw Food Super Kit was not militant in it’s belief that you must be 100% raw to benefit from this.  In fact, it specifically recommends 80% raw or 90% raw as healthy viable options.

That’s good, because I want to insure that I get enough protein, so I plan to have a small amount of meat, and I certainly am not going to eat meat raw!  ha ha ha….   (Although I know some people who eat Salmon that way.)

How long?   I am not sure yet.  If you remember, I had no plan to remain dairy free for the rest of my life, but once I got off dairy I never went back.  It’s amazing how little I even think about dairy products now that I have been off of them for over two months.

If all goes well, I may be MOSTLY raw for a long… long time.

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan or living a mostly raw lifestyle I would very much like to hear from you and what you think.

Wish me luck….

Oh, and if you want to try going raw with me, check out the free mini course on raw foods here.

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