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Law of Attraction

Ultimate Law of Attraction Solution

Do you use the law of attraction? Do you get some of the things you desire, but not all? Does it work incredibly well for you in one area of your life and yet you find another area with problems springing up? Do you attract money only to see it disappear just as suddenly as …Continue reading

Top 5: Common Law of Attraction Mistakes

Mistake Number One: Expecting your imagination to be enough. You can sit around all day imagining things, but that does not make anything happen.  Using the law of attraction is much more than using your imagination.  We all should be thankful of this too, since we often imagine things we do not want! Your ability …Continue reading

Two Schools of Thought, One Solution

Bad things happen to good people. I am sure you have had something negative happen to you in your life. So why do bad things happen?  What create them? There are two schools of thought out there when it comes to the world. #1 You have no control over everything that happens outside of you …Continue reading

Why A Garden Is Like The Law of Attraction

I enjoy working in my garden.  It never feels like work to me. In the early spring I plant the seeds, knowing full well that later in the year I will be able to eat wonderful foods that came from my efforts. So today, I was working in my garden, and I realized that the …Continue reading

The Cure for The One Thing That Stops You From Mastering The Law of Attraction

This is what you have been waiting for! I have worked with hundreds of people one-on-one and with thousands of people who have used the Secret Course, Manifesting Cards, Subliminal Videos and the Quantum Cookbook law of attraction courses. I also have helped countless others on this very site and through my free weekly newsletter. …Continue reading

What made you think you could do that?

“What made you think you could do that?” I have heard that question more than once in my life.  I heard it when I decided to write my first book.  I heard it when I decided to quit my job and work from home….  and now I am hearing it because I have decided to …Continue reading

Using The Law of Attraction For Health Can Have Surprising Results

Each night before I go to bed I use my Manifesting Card to shape my personal world around me.  For the last few months, one of the things I have written on my Manifesting Card is a statement where I am thankful for my perfect health. When I read the card I allow myself to …Continue reading

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