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May, 2008

June 11 – The Next 11 Cent Sale – What Will Be Ridiculously Low Priced?

Mark your calendars….  June 11th will be the next amazing 11 cent sale. This one is going to blow you away. The first 11 cent sale was just a test to make sure everything worked perfectly.  (SEE IT HERE)  The results are in… and everyone got a great deal and every single person had their …Continue reading

Eat Your Way To Feeling Better – 11 Cent Sale!

Feel Incredible & Energized… For .11 Cents!! Most of you already know my back story and how my life has been flipped upside down…. for the better…. but for those of you who don’t… You can discover how I accidentally lost 100lbs and went from a crazy coffee & energy drinker to someone who wakes …Continue reading

11 Cent Sales Means Ridiculously Low Prices!

I am launching something brand new… right now… and you are going to want to be the first one on board. I am calling it an .11 cents sale. The sale begins at .11 cents, and increases by .11 cents every time a purchase is made. Why? You know how much I love to spoil …Continue reading

Fun Interactive Test – What Can You Tell By Looking At Someone’s Face?

Here is a fun little quiz for you. Can you judge someone by looking at them? …. By looking at a picture of a person, you have to decide if he is a computer geek or a serial killer! Now we all judge people everyday….  but how accurate are you?  Sure, if you walk into …Continue reading

Not Everything Magically Goes Smooth Everyday

Just because I have used the Law of Attraction to drastically improve my life (read about it here) it doesn’t mean that I no longer have any challenges! What would the point of life be if there were no challenges for you? This weekend I offered everyone a free subliminal video that is designed to …Continue reading

Subliminal Money Magnet Video – Free

Happy Mothers day everyone. My gift to all of you is this free subliminal video. For those of you who do not already know, subliminal videos flash text and/or imagery on the screen during the video. The object or text is flashed to fast in the subliminal video that your conscious mind will be completely …Continue reading

The law of Attraction In Action – Kids Versus Adults

Certainly the Law of Attraction is powerful. Indeed, it flipped my world upside down and actually saved my life. Yes, the law of attraction can bring you money and it has improved my health and freed me from the chains of a job….. But let’s not forget that we can use the law of attraction …Continue reading