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My Raw Food Confession

I must confess that I left the raw food diet for Thanksgiving.

My thought was that  I would simply go back to raw the day after thanksgiving, but that is not what happened.  It was not until yesterday that I returned to eating all raw all day.

Before I tell you what happened, I want to clarify that I didn’t “over eat” on Thanksgiving and eat tons of food.  No, not at all.  In fact, I only had one plate of food, but I did put a lot of food on that plate.  Turkey, mashed potato’s, gravy, rice, deviled eggs, scalloped corn (family recipe).  I didn’t even have any stuffing this year.

What happened?

* In about a week I put on 5 lbs.   FIVE POUNDS….  egads

* I felt sluggish and tired most of the day(s) and experienced some minor bloating.

* Strangest of all, I had a lot of mucus.  I’m not sure I would call it a cold, but I had a lot of mucus in my nose and throat.  My wife who also had gone raw with me went off raw for thanksgiving and she too had similar symptoms.

Naturally I could assume that the cold-like symptoms were something contagious, but my two children did not have any cold-like symptoms, which seemed a bit odd at the time.

When I started watching Youtube videos on going raw I found that a LOT of people got “sick” when they came off raw and jumped straight into meat and processed foods.   How interesting.

It would seem to me, then, that the cold-like symptoms are not caused by bacteria or a virus, but rather are a reaction of the body to the re-introduction of cooked food.

Because I want that massive energy back and I want to feel healthy and vibrant again, I have decided to go back onto a raw diet, starting yesterday!

1 Day after being back on raw food:

I have lost 2 of the 5 pounds, which says to me that a lot of that may have been water weight, perhaps from the increased salt found in cooked foods.  I feel pretty certain that the 5 pounds will be gone within one week of being back on a raw natural diet.

I look forward to feeling great again and dropping even more excess weight.

If anyone is wondering…. no… my wife has not yet decided to re-join me on my raw journey.  But I am guessing that once she see’s me bouncing around and feeling great once again she will join me on an all raw diet.

I can’t promise I will eat this way forever, but I can promise that this is what I am doing right now, because it makes me feel great.

Have a great holiday season,

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