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Raw Food Diet – My Personal Results Day 17

I began eating raw on Monday, Oct 25th, which means that today is day 17.

I have not been 100% raw, but I have been pretty darn close.  It turns out that the mixed nuts I have been eating a handful of each day, are unsalted dry roasted.   One day I also decided to have some whole wheat pasta my wife made for her and our children.

I THOUGHT that I knew what eating healthy was all about.  A little fish and chicken, lots of steamed veggies, some fruits but no too many because they are high in natural sugar…  add in some grains but avoid dairy because it clogs up the body.  That is what I WAS doing.

Since I have gone raw, the following has happend in 17 days:

  • Weight Loss: I have dropped 10 pounds in 17 days.
  • Sleep Better: My sleep has drastically improved (much deeper)
  • Dreams: I don’t recall having dreams for the last few years, and now I have VIVID life-like dreams each night
  • Blood Sugar is slightly lower (in the low  middle of normal) despite eating a LOT of fruit all day
  • Blood Pressure has lowered to the best I’ve ever seen as an adult
  • Higher Energy: My energy is waaaaaay up, at an all time high!
  • Clear Headed: My head is clear and I can think more clearly now.
  • Calm and Relaxed: Aggression and anger no longer require self control, it’s like they just melted away.
  • Stress Reduced: Ability to handle stress has greatly increased.

My wife saw the changes in me, especially the increased energy, and now she is on day 6 of eating raw herself.  Her energy has improved dramatically already.

17 days without meat and I feel wonderful.  I did not expect this, being a meat eater (and meat lover) in the past.  The eating for your blood type people would say that I, being a blood type O, need a lot of meat and that I am a high protein type.

The whole blood type thing always seemed a little bit odd to me.  After all, we don’t check the blood types of animals to determine their diet.  Every animal on the planet knows what to eat except for us humans.  Isn’t that silly?

While I am not expert on the subject, all I can report is how I feel and I feel wonderful.  I drink 2 green smoothies a day, which are mostly fruit, and I eat a lot of bananas and apples.

I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure and blood sugar and both of those have improved.  I don’t feel any kind of weakness which I normally do on a “d-i-e-t”, so I am guessing I am not losing any muscle mass.  Unlike other d-i-e-t-s, I am allowing myself to eat as much and as often as I want.   As a matter of fact, I feel like I am eating all day long…   a little bit here and a little bit there.

The hunger feeling is VASTLY different now though.  I eat because I feel like I need an energy boost.  I don’t really eat planned meals anymore and sometimes I go for many hours without eating because I do not have hunger.  Cravings has disappeared also.

I am going to research the protein aspect of this way of eating, because it seems as though protein is only 5% of my current diet.

You can watch an amazing RAW FOOD VIDEO and discover a lot more about raw food by CLICKing THIS LINK.

Since I have been doing this all on my own, I think it is about time to pick up a good Raw Food Book and so far this one seems to be the best of the best on Amazon.

If you know of a good Raw Food Book, please be sure to leave a comment below.



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