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Top 5 Weightloss Products


I have taken some flack from others about my FREE WEIGHT LOSS post, and have been told that many people need the aid of products to lose weight.  So I did some research, and calculated the most popular methods along with the best reviews on each method and I have come up with this TOP 5 LIST of weight loss products.


#1 Best Selling & Best Reviews for Weight Loss Product:


This is by far the best selling weight loss program online.  It appears to be more women than men use this as most of the positive reviews were left by women.  That’s not to say that it wouldn’t work just as well for men.   My guess is that more men prefer an emphasis on building muscle.

 #2 High Selling with Great Reviews:

The Truth About Abs

This isn’t just an ABS program, or so I am told.  It is a weight loss program that focuses on making your waist look great.  This is the one popular with men, but the site has a separate area for dedicated to men and to women, so that you can get the information most relevant to you.

#3 Best NO EXERCISE NEEDED way to shed fat

FAT Burning Furnace

The key to this method of weight loss is to trick the hormones in your body to not store fat.  Makes sense right?  If your body simply stopped storing fat and released the fat stores it currently holds, it wouldn’t matter how much exercise you got in a day.  Thousands of people claim this works with very little effort, so it might be something worth seriously looking into.

#4 Longest Success Story with Best Before and After photos!

Burn The Fat

This is Tom Venuto’s world famous program.  The photos on this site are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  The site has dozens of before and after photos from real people along with their personal information, including first and last names, dates, and testimonials.   What amazes me isn’t just how people went from fat to thin, but how muscular everyone looks, even the women have well defined muscles.  This program has been going strong since 2002 so I know it works.  Very motivational stuff.

#5  Strangest Weight Loss Method To Date

Eat Stop Eat

Honestly, I had never heard of this before, but this seems to be the new hot diet out there.  Seems pretty strange to me, and from what I am told it is based on weight training or resistance training along with Flexible Intermittent Fasting.  Wow…  so eat a lot, work out a lot, and then stop eating all together. (do you stop working out?)  You’ll have to check this one out for yourself, but since it is so popular I had to include it.


I still believe you can lose weight by simply eating healthy and exercising, but if you need something extra, whether it be motivation or structured plan, these are the top 5 weight loss products for 2012.

Wishing you a happy and fit 2012

– John Derrick


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